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It’s Official. Cruising is the Future of Travel.

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Cruising is the Future of Travel.

It’s Official. Cruising is the Future of Travel.


The worldwide cruise industry is celebrating astonishing growth trends, with almost 24 million passengers packing their bags to sail the seas in 2016. The Australian cruise market is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting in the industry, and annual passenger numbers are continuing to grow.

So why is the world so obsessed with this emerging travel trend, and why should you get on board?

We’ve put together a list:

Explore the World. Unpack Once.

Forget airports, train schedules and heavy suitcases – unpack your luggage just the once, and travel between your destinations in ultimate comfort.

Got some time to kill between Florence and Spain? Book in some spa time and have a world-class meal.

All Ages and Tastes are Catered For

Cruising is just for retirees? Think again.

Long gone are the days when cruising was just for the over-70’s looking for a low-key way to splurge the retirement fund. This new era of cruising accommodates every age and desire.

Facilities Just Keep Getting Better and Better

Ships these days are like floating cities … only more exciting, and you get a 360-degree view of the ocean while you’re at it.

Nowadays, the ship IS the destination, and you could happily spend your holiday without stepping a foot on shore (but why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of the extraordinary destinations at your door?).

Cruising is Great for the Local Economy

Where do you think the ship finds 2000 kg’s of fresh watermelon or 600 gallons of ice-cream, ready 24 hours a day for peckish passengers?

At each port, goods need to be restocked to ensure passengers are experiencing the freshest food in the world. This also gives a huge boost to local industry.

Cruising Takes the Stress out of Travel

Do you worry about the impact of language barriers, the anxiety of navigating country customs and visas, or not stuffing your short stay with the best the region has to offer? Fret not; cruising allows you to leave those petty hassles at the port.

You will have the option to depart the ship at the local highlights, so you don’t even have to do your research!

Cruising is Cost effective and Simple to Plan

Cruising offers amazing value, allowing you to combine your accommodation, entertainment, meals, transport, and even airfares into one fee. You can find great discounts for children and group bookings, and cruises for under $100 a day per person.

Wait closer until the cruise departure date, and you’ll score yourself some unbelievable savings, although sales and discounted packages are everywhere if you care to look!

Ships are Social Hubs

Do you like making friends from other parts of the globe? Cruising unites people from all over the world who have the same goals – to have fun, relax, celebrate, and experience the world in comfort.

They say you are the best version of yourself when you travel – so spend your time mingling with your new neighbors.